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HERNE HILL VELODROME   Burbage Road, London, SE24 9HE

Sunday 25 May 2014  12.30pm



What is DernyFest?

DernyFest is fun, fast and exciting!  Not to be confused with a Keirin, where a group of sprinters follow a Derny for several laps before it swings off the track leaving the riders to sprint for the line.  Neither should it be confused with so called motor paced bunch races where a Derny controls the race until it again swings off the track leaving the bunch to race for the line in a mass charge.  

Derny racing as in DernyFest is totally different.  Each rider is individually paced by a Derny.  Racing as a team, the Derny driver paces the rider, coaxing him, or her, to accelerate and attack when the time is right and resting or relaxing the rider whenever he can.  Tucked in behind the Derny, a rider is able to ride much faster than if he was on his own or within a bunch.

DernyFest is unique.  It is a race for all categories and abilities.  

The concept is simple.  10k heats are run off with the first two or three in each heat riding a 25k final, the next two or three ride a 20k final and so on. The formula can be addapted to suite the number of entrants and the whole field can be placed. As well as the overall winner, the leaders in all the different categories can easily be identified.

The nature of DernyFest is often that the result of the heats is established quite early, with riders spread all round the track.  However the finals are totally different with the field more evenly matched which makes for a much closer fought and exciting race.

Entries are encouraged from anyone who wants to try something a little bit different, or from those who have already experienced this exciting form of racing.  Don’t worry if you have not got your own pacer.  If you have then that is great, but we can provide an experienced pacer for you.