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HERNE HILL VELODROME   Burbage Road, London, SE24 9HE

Sunday 25 May 2014  12.30pm

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Womens OmniumResults (Full)

Brilliant sunshine, Dernys, a large field for the Women’s Omnium - a counting round of BC’s National Series, Italians, Belgians, burgers and beer, the Derek Marloe Memorial Meeting had them all.

With wins in the Points race, Sprint and Scratch race, Ellie Coster was a clear winner in the Omnium.  Consistent riding across all the events gave Janet Birkmyre a well deserved second place and VCL’s Rachel Jary claimed third spot from Hanna Blount.  Spirited and aggressive riding from the rest of the girls shows how far womens racing has come in the ten years that the Womens Omnium has been run in conjunction with the DernyFest at Herne Hill.

The heats for the DernyFest began as the rest of the races were to carry on: fast and vicious. Whether it was the fact that there were visiting Italian riders with their pacers, or the fact that the Belgian pacers were keen to show the British pacers a thing or two, I’m not sure, but whatever the reason the heats were run off at a rapid pace with all the pre-race favourites safely into the main final, with the remainder contesting minor finals.

The Final was brutal: no ambling off from the start getting ‘warmed up’ before a gallop at the end.  Oh no! With 12 pairs on the track the temptation to take off from the front before the tailenders could bunch up was to great.  How he manages to do it nobody can work out but Matt Gittings, paced by George Gilbert quickly took the lead followed by the Italian Manuel Cazzaro, paced by Christian Dagoni and Symon Lewis, paced by Mick Lewis with the bunch all together a little further back. Gradually riders fell back and were lapped by the flying Gittings. By the end he had lapped them all bar four and won the race. The race time was 22.29.9 minutes for the 50 laps (22.5k).

At the end of the meeting lots of tired but happy riders and spectators with sun reddened faces all vowed to return next year.