Lee Valley VeloPark Abercrombie Road,

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park,

London, E20 3AB

Friday 18 April 2014

Organised and Promoted on behalf of The SOUTHERN COUNTIES CYCLING UNION

The title ‘The Good Friday Meeting’, ‘SCCU Good Friday Meeting’, ‘Herne Hill Good Friday Meeting’ , The Good Friday Meeting - Herne Hill’and any derivations thereof are the property of the SCCU.

Commercial Rights to the Meeting remain the property of the SCCU at all times and cannot be assigned by or implied to be owned by any other body or person without the written consent of the SCCU. This includes advertising and trading rights at or during the Meeting.








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Champion of Champions Trophy

Donated by The News of The World to the winner of the Major Sprint at the Meeting

Previous Winners

1948  J. Hijlzelendoom         Holland

1949  J. Bellinger                  France

1950  Sid Patterson              Australia

1951  J. Hijlzelendoom         Holland

1952  Cyril Peacock            Gt Britain

1953  Cyril Peacock            Gt Britain

1954  R. Gainard                 France

1955  Keith Harrison           Gt Britain

1956  Lloyd Binch                Gt Britain

1957  Lloyd Binch                Gt Britain

1958  Lloyd Binch                Gt Britain

1959  V. Gasparella            Italy

1960  L. Sterckx                   Belgium

1961  G. Beghetto               Italy

1962  Ron Baensch            Australia

1963  Ron Baensch            Australia

1964  A. de Graaf                Holland

1965  Daniel Morelon         France

1966  Daniel Morelon         France

1967  Jurgen Geschke       East Germany

1968  Daniel Morelon          France

1969  Nils Fredborg            Denmark

1970  Jurgen Geschke       East Germany

1971  Daniel Morelon         France

1972  R. Langruis                Holland

1973  Daniel Morelon         France

1974  No Event

1975  John Nicholson        Australia

1976  Michel Vaarten         Belgium

1977  Emanuel Raasch     East Germany

1978  Trevor Gadd            Gt Britain

1979  Lauw Veldt               Holland

1980  Yvon Cloarec           France

1981  Yvon Cloarec           France

1982  Gordon Singleton    Canada

1983  Terry Tinsley            Gt Britain

1984  Thierry Pirard          Belgium

1985  No Event

1986  No Event

1987  Eddie Alexander    Scotland

1988  Erik Schoefs           Belgium

1989  Jon Munns              Gt Britain

1990  No Event

1991  No Event

1992  No Event

1993  Michael Hubner      Germany

1994  Michael Hubner      Germany

1995  Marty Nothstein      USA

1996  Freddy Magne        France

1997  Freddy Magne        France

1998  No Event

1999  Craig Maclean        Gt Britain

2000  Arnaud Tournant     France

2001  Roberto Chiappa    Italy

2002  Ross Edgar             Gt Britain

2003  Chris Hoy                 Gt Britain

2004  No Event

2005  Jon Norfolk              Gt Britain

2006  Tim Bottu                 Belgium

2007  Jan van Eijden        Germany

2008  Ghadi Chait             South Africa

2009  No Event

2010  No Event

2011  Peter Mitchell          Gt Britain

2012  Peter Mitchell          Gt Britain

2013  Robert Forstemann Germany

2014  Peter Mitchell           Gt Britain