Lee Valley VeloPark Abercrombie Road,

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park,

London, E20 3AB

Friday 18 April 2014

Organised and Promoted on behalf of The SOUTHERN COUNTIES CYCLING UNION

The title ‘The Good Friday Meeting’, ‘SCCU Good Friday Meeting’, ‘Herne Hill Good Friday Meeting’ , The Good Friday Meeting - Herne Hill’and any derivations thereof are the property of the SCCU.

Commercial Rights to the Meeting remain the property of the SCCU at all times and cannot be assigned by or implied to be owned by any other body or person without the written consent of the SCCU. This includes advertising and trading rights at or during the Meeting.








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Previous Winners

1962  Brian Sandy

1963  Dave Bonner

1964  Anthony Gowland

1965  Anthony Gowland

1966  Jiri Daler   (Czechoslovakia)

1867  Gert Bongers   (Holland)

1968  Harry Jackson

1969  H. Richter   (East Germany)

1970  Pete Watson

1971  No Event

1972  Mick Bennett

1973  R. Olsen   (Denmark)

1974  No Event

1975  Maurice Burton

1976  Paul Medhurst

1977  Ron Keeble

1978  Gordon Singleton   (Canada)

1079  Ian Hallam

1980  Gary Sadler

1981  Piers Hewitt

1982  Hugh Cameron

1983  No Event

1984  Phil Thomas

1985  No Event

1986  No Event

1987  Daryl Webster

1988  Gary Coltman

1989  Russell Williams

1990  No Event

1991  No Event

1992  No Event

1993  Anthony Doyle

1994  Richard Hughes

1995  Rob Hayles

1996  Rob Hayles

1997  Rob Hayles

1998  No Event

1999  M. Lust   (Holland)

2000  Colin Sturgess

2001  Anthony Gibb

2002  James Taylor

2003  Stuart O’Grady   (Australia)

2004  No Event

2005  Jon Norfolk

2006  Malcolm Elliott

2007  Jason Allen

2008  Anthony Gibb

2009  No Event

2010  No Event

2011  Adam Duggleby

2012  Marcel Kalz (Germany)

2013  Tom Scully (New Zealand)

2014   Leif Lampater  (Germany)

The W.A. Smith Memorial Trophy

(The Golden Wheel)

Originally awarded to the winner of the 5 miles Points race, which was traditionally the last race of the meeting, this race changed to a 10k Scratch in the early ‘80s and again to a 20k Scratch in the early ‘90s