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WHO ARE Bristow Events?

In the mid 60’s to the late 70’s, Graham Bristow was just an average club rider with a preference for track sprinting. Each year his club, Norwood Paragon CC, ran a mid-week open track meeting at south London’s Herne Hill Stadium - long before the terme velodrome became the vogue.

In 1978 the club was in need of a new organiser for the meeting so Graham stopped racing andtook on the job for the Norwood Paragon.  At the end of the evening, the final reckoning showed that 1500 people had come through the gates.  Graham continued to organise the meeting for the Paragon, taking it from a Wednesday evening fixture to a Saturday and then a two day weekend meeting.

In the mid 80’s the Southern Counties CU approached Graham to take on the job of organising their Good Friday Meeting.  Which he has continued to this day, with a brief rest in 1999, when Garry Beckett took over the helm, only to enlist Graham’s help the following year.  The two worked together until the centenary Meeting in 2003, when Garry handed control back to Graham.

Over the years Graham has organised the Herne Hill track league for the local BC devision, numerous meetings for the Herne Hill Promoters Association and British Pacing Association and has organised National Championship Meetings in Herne Hill, Welwyn, Scunthorpe, Manchester and Newport.  In 2013 he organised the European Masters Track Championships in Newport and in 2014 he will be organising them in Alkmaar, Holland.

So, how Bristow Events?  Simple.  A few  years ago Graham asked someone to create a website for a meeting that he was organising for the BPA.  The designer suggested that, rather than create a website for each and every event that Graham was organising, it would make sense to create one website, Bristow Events, hosting each event on it, after all he said, everyone knows that its you behind the meetings.